Boarding Your Dog

If you are planning to board your dog with a home boarder always visit them beforehand,make sure you talk to the boarder and get to look around the house your dog will be staying at.Talk about any health problems your dog may have before the boarding commences and tell boarder if your dog is on any medication.Discuss your dogs individual needs and remember the boarder is in this business because they love dogs.

Try to book your homeboarder as early as you can a good reputable boarder will have repeat business all year round and can be full early on.Bring all paperwork with you ie: name ,address,phone number also vets address and phone number.An emergency contact ie family member is good if you are out of the country for any decisions that might have to be made if your dog becomes ill while you are away.

Just relax and enjoy your trip,remember your dog will be in good hands and will enjoy the care and attention as if they were at home.

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