Signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

This is very Similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans,Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is caused by physical changes in the brain and in its chemicals.

The results of the changes is how your dog thinks and learns begins to deteriorate which then causes behavioral changes that can upset your dog.

Your dog may show theses signs:

Looking lost in familiar places around the home and garden

Having trouble finding and going through doors and stairs

Not responding to their  name or any familiar commands they are used to

Becoming withdrawn and not wanting to play or go for walks or even wanting go outside

Not recognizing family members, toys, etc.

Regular trembling or shaking while standing or lying down

Frequent soiling in the house, regardless of the amount of times they are brought outside

Sleeping more in the daytime and less during the night

Staring at walls and into space and can be startled by lights and the tv etc.and wanting less fuss


If your older dog shows any of these signs seek the advice of your vet.