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Dangers Of Antifreeze

Posted by November 25th, 2014 in Happy Hounds Walking

The freezing weather is here again and all pet owners need to know the dangers of antifreeze to our pets,accidental poisioning can happen from spills or leaks from our cars or containers.The toxin ethylene glycol is what makes antifreeze so […]

Signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction

Posted by September 23rd, 2014 in Happy Hounds Walking

This is very Similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans,Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is caused by physical changes in the brain and in its chemicals. The results of the changes is how your dog thinks and learns begins to deteriorate which then […]

Bathing and Grooming Your Dog

Posted by February 16th, 2013 in Happy Hounds Walking

Brushing your dog might seem like a pain or something you’ll do later. But grooming your dog doesn’t need to be hard or a chore.You’re better off doing it more often but for a shorter time, maybe five or 10 […]


Posted by December 2nd, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

That time of year is approaching and we should all enjoy it and that includes our pets,christmas can be a great time but also a dangerous time for our pets.Here are a few tips to remember:- *Real xmas trees are […]

Fighting Fleas

Posted by August 4th, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

Fleas love warmer areas. Places such as sheds, plants around the house, within your house, garage and on your pets are all places you will find fleas. To properly win the fight against fleas you have got to target the source . […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Posted by June 3rd, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

As all pet owners know, the secret to keeping your dog happy is to keep them healthy. Here are five easy steps to ensure that your dog remains, healthy, happy and full of life. Exercise: All dogs need regular exercise. Depending […]


Posted by April 26th, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

National Home Boarding Register –   National Dog Walking Register –   Fill My Bowl, pet store –

Ear Care for Dogs

Posted by April 21st, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

Caring for your dogs ears is an essential part of your  pets health. A dog’s ear canal is very different from the human ear.The ear canal is longer which leaves a dog prone to ear problems like infections. Problems To […]


Posted by April 6th, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking

CHOCS AWAY! A quick reminder as we head into Easter weekend: while we hope you get to enjoy some lovely chocolate, PLEASE keep it safely away from your dog. Find out more about why chocolate is dangerous here: Even if […]

Posted by March 17th, 2012 in Happy Hounds Walking