Ear Care for Dogs

Caring for your dogs ears is an essential part of your  pets health. A dog’s ear canal is very different from the human ear.The ear canal is longer which leaves a dog prone to ear problems like infections.

Problems To Look Out For :-

Constant scratching of the ears

Constant shaking of the head

Bad smells coming from the ears

If your dog shows any of these signs you should definately take them to the vet for a check.


 Yeast infections are the most commom ear problems making the ear red or inflamed and very smelly and can occur when dogs have been in water.

Ear mites are another common problem causing inflammation and a lot of discomfort.These can also be transfered from one dog to the other.



Keeping your dogs ears clean is the best way to stop infections,ear wipes or cleansing pads are the easiest and also remove any hair growing inside the ear canal.

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