Bathing and Grooming Your Dog

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Brushing your dog might seem like a pain or something you’ll do later. But grooming your dog doesn’t need to be hard or a chore.You’re better off doing it more often but for a shorter time, maybe five or 10 minutes each day.Brief but frequent brushing and the odd bath keeps your dog clean and comfortable. Regular brushing helps your dog’s appearance as it distributes the natural oils throughout the coat. It also prevents the coat from knots and clumps.How much you need to brush and comb depends on your dog’s coat. Long-haired breeds will need longer and intense brushing almost daily where as Short-haired dogs aren’t that hard to brush, but regular sessions will still cut down on shedding. Use a steel-tooth comb to remove tangles and then a stiff bristle brush to get rid of the loose hair.

If your dog stays fairly clean with a regular brush you might get away with less baths.But generaly dogs should be bathed about every three months.If your dog gets dirty for example, by outdoor runs, consider bathing more often. Always use puppy or dog shampoos, never human shampoos. Human shampoos aren’t toxic, but they may contain fragrances and ingredients that can irritate pets’ skin.

And though regular brushing can do wonders for your dog, the same is not true of bathing. Don’t overdo it some people bathe their dog more often than they need to, sometimes weekly or every other week. Too many baths will strip the coat of natural oils that protect the skin — and your dog’s coat will lose some of its shine.


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That time of year is approaching and we should all enjoy it and that includes our pets,christmas can be a great time but also a dangerous time for our pets.Here are a few tips to remember:-

*Real xmas trees are lovely but can be harmful for our pets they are very sharp and can get stuck in their feet and throats.

*Tree decorations are lovely but dont hang the chocolate ones on your tree they are highly toxic to your pets.Tinsel can be very harmful if chewed.

*Try to hide or cover any electric cords we always have twice as many at christmas with all the lovely lights,pets could easly chew them and get electrocuted.

*Try to keep the tree tied down to stop pets pulling it over.

* Holly,poinsettia,lily and mistletoe is poisonous to pets and must be kept out of reach.

*Loud noises can affect some pets remember that when you are pulling your christmas crackers,party poppers,opening corked bottles.

*Balloons are great but when burst can cause a fright or a danger if eaten.

*Our favourite turkey can cause problems to, especially if  bones are eaten they can cause choking, constipation, as well as seriously damaging internal organs.

*Grapes and raisins can cause renal failure and can be fatal dont forget they are in the christmas cake.